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The WSDL Team

Meet our world-class organizing team.

Chief Adjudication Panel - Spring 2023

David Africa


David is the reigning World and Asian debating champion, part of the powerhouse Ateneo de Manila debate team that has conquered all before it in the recent past! We're excited to have David as one of our CAs for WSDL Spring 2023.

Xiao-ke Lu

Hong Kong

A former captain of WSDC Team Hong Kong, Xiao-ke (they/them) is now a third year student at Princeton University. Among many other debate accolades, they are a two-time WUDC Grand Finalist, Chief Adjudicator of the 2022 Oxford Intervarsity, and the current coach of WSDC Team Vietnam.

Tobi Leung


Tobi is one half of the Ateneo team that won a historic WUDC title in January 2023 - only the second Asian team in history to do so. A couple of weeks later, Tobi and our co-CA David travelled to Bali to become Asian debating champions as well. We're thrilled to have Tobi on board for Spring 2023.

Chief Adjudication Panel - Fall 2022

Sharmila Parmanand


Sharmila has competed, coached, judged and convened debate in nearly 50 countries around the world. A three-time Asian champion, she has been on the Chief Adjudicator's Panel (CAP) of the World Championships at both university and schools level - WUDC and WSDC - as well as Australs, ABP, UADC and many more. She is a former Head Coach of WSDC Team Philippines and WSDC Team Palestine.

Shudipto Ahmed


Shudipto has judged in the finals of some of the most prestigious competitions in world debating, such as the Oxford, Cambridge and LSE tournaments, and was on the CAP of last year’s Asian British Parliamentary (ABP) Debate Championships. Shudipto also served on the CAP of WSDC in August 2022.

Kallina Basli


Kallina is one of the most experienced debate coaches in the world. Head Coach of WSDC Team Greece since 2009, she has also served on the organising committees of WSDC 2009 and WUDC 2016, as well as Chief Adjudicator of the Eurasian Debating Championships on numerous occasions.

Our Previous Chief Adjudicators

Klaudia Maciejewska


Klaudia achieved noteworthy results at 2020 WUDC as EFL Semifinalist and Top 10 Speaker, was appointed EFL Final Adjudicator 2021, ABP Grand Final Adjudicator 2021, and European Debating Championships (EUDC) ESL Final Chair 2021.

Shruti Deb


Shruti was 2021 Australs ESL Champion and Finals Best Speaker, UADC and ABP Finals Adjudicator. She also served as Coach of WSDC Team India and is on the CAP of WSDC in July / August 2022.

Tota Takahashi


Tota has earned honors as Asian BP Champion 2021, North East Asian Debating Championships (NEADC) Champion 2020, Australs and UADC FinalsAdjudicator, and CABP Asia 2022 Chief Adjudicator.

Ameera Moore


Ameera Moore is one of the most successful debaters in Asian debating history. Three times the champion of Asia, Ameera was on the first Asian team to win the Australasian Debating Championships, and the winner of the Cambridge debating tournament. She was Chief Adjudicator of WUDC in 2019 and coached Team Malaysia to break in 1st place at the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) in 2019.

Amrit Agastia


Amrit is a Malaysian and Australasian Champion who has served on the CAP of both Asian championships (UADC and ABP) and been a judge of both Australs and WUDC Open Grand Finals.

Sourodip Paul


Sourodip Paul is the current Champion and joint Best Speaker of Australasia, having won the title for Australian National University (ANU) in 2020. A former coach of Team Bangladesh at WSDC, Sourodip will be the co-Chief Adjudicator at Madrid WUDC 2023.

Yoni Cohen-Idov


Yoni Cohen-Idov is two-time World Debating Champion, European Champion, and a former head coach of Team Israel at the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC). He is the Founder of the YCI Center for Rhetoric and Debate.

Tin Puljić


Tin was Open Finalist at EUDC 2019, DCA at EUDC 2020, and the reigning World Debating Champion following his historic victory at Korea WUDC 2021.

Hemanth Bharatha Chakravarthy


Hemanth is a former WSDC Grand Finalist with Team India and graduated to Team Manager in 2019. They are now studying at Harvard as well as working with the Gates Foundation.

League Leadership

Andy Hume

Co-Founder & Convenor, WSDL

Coach Andy is a former World Debating Champion and twice served on the Chief Adjudicator's Panel (CAP) at the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC). He previously served as National Coach for WSDC Team Korea from 2014 – 2018. Andy has debated, coached, organised, and been a trainer in debate events in nearly 30 countries around the world.

Mike Hauge

Co-Founder, WSDL

Coach Mike serves as Founder & CEO of LearningLeaders, the most trusted brand in online debate and public speaking courses for K-12 students. In addition to WSDL, he serves on the Board of two other non-profit organizations and is the Founder of the EO Day of Service.

League Administration Team

Ivan Velentey


Coach Ivan is one of Belarus’s most decorated debaters in competition, including winning the University College London Debating Championships. The New York Times invited him to the Great Athens Debate. Additionally, he coached students to a World Debating Championships in French.

Maikhanh Nguyen

Program Manager

Coach Maikhanh participated in numerous USA National Forensics League (NFL) and won the China Agriculture University (CAU) BP Championships, also named 10th Best Speaker. She also competed in the Asia British Parliamentary Championships (ABP).

Doris Yu

Community Director

Coach Doris has lead served in leadership roles in Community Team at debate organizations for over five years. She is the direct point of contact for key partnerships, community building, and parent outreach.

Cookie Hu

Admissions Officer

Coach Cookie was herself a championship debater and speaker during her university years. Cookie serves the WSDL as an Admissions Officer, supporting participating students by placing them in courses to help their future growth as debaters and leaders.

Patrick Sheahan

Learning Platform Director

Coach Patrick leads the WSDL in all online learning capacity, including video content and training material accessibility. He manages a team of developers to generate improvements based on student feedback and performance.

Evgenii Aferin

QuizLeader Director

Coach Evgenii leads QuizLeader, an enrichment competition for WSDL participants and their friends. Students can compete twice per week test their current events knowledge, logical reasoning skills, and win prizes.

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